Western Bits

Find the right horse bit at the lowest price with our Western bits at Mary's Tack. We have hackamores, Western bits with or without a shank, and numerous general and specialty bit styles. Choose fleece-lined hackamores for horses with sensitive mouths or those that go better without a bit. For the show ring, we have embellished Western show horse bits. Or, shop our simple schooling snaffles. Shop top brands like Classic Equine, Myler, Reinsman, Bob Avila and Mikmar. We have Western loose ring and dee ring bits, as well as Western shank, snaffle and curb bits for the Western horse.

Attach our plain leather or rose-tooling-design slobber straps to your Western bit. Shop our snaffles designed for specific needs. For example, some horse owners prefer fixed dee dogbone snaffles that wonet pinch a horse with sensitive corners of the mouth. The mouthpiece encourages the production of saliva to soften the horsees mouth. We have loose twist ring snaffles with narrower mouthpieces for trainers or experienced riders whose horse needs more tongue pressure and a quicker response. We have diamond-pattern bits perfect for starting horses, in a five-inch size to fit most horsese mouths.

Shop our collection of Western leather curb straps with nickel-plated hardware for your Western bit and headstall. We have hackamores decorated with hand-engraved clover and scroll designs in German silver. An adjustable stainless steel curb chain is included with these hackamores with leather-covered 7-inch shanks. Our Western hinged bit for horses moves in four places, allowing the Western rider to independently move the horsees shoulders and rib cage. We have wide barrel comfort snaffles and bits with curved mouthpieces designed for horses who appreciate greater tongue relief. If you have questions about our bits for Western horsemen and horsewomen, contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff. Look over the details of Mary's Bit Rental program, too, which allows you to try a Western bit on your horse before making the final decision to purchase. Also shop our Western saddle brands. We have been outfitting Western riders and their horses since 1963. Sign up for our free e-newsletter to enjoy subscriber sales throughout the year.