Hats, Scarves, and Seasonal Accessories

Many Western riders wear traditional straw or felt hats, but the reality is plenty wear casual hats and ball caps, too. If you're looking at a long day of caring for your horse, mucking stalls, cleaning out the trailer, or enjoying cruising around bareback on a quiet day, a lightweight hat to shade your face just might be the perfect choice. At Mary's Tack and Feed, you will find the best selection of Western riding apparel that includes casual hats and ball caps.

A Western style ball cap is similar to a typical baseball cap but usually has a bit more flair and attitude. At Mary's Tack and Feed, riders will discover a fun and flirty, or rugged and hardy selection from which to choose. From rock and roll inspired ball caps to darling cowgirl pony caps with a little glam, the choices are both functional and stylish.

Important Reasons to Wear a Hat

Remember, a hat is important for a couple of reasons. It keeps hair in check so that your vision is clear and shades your face to keep you cool. The brim provides some sun protection for your face and critical coverage for your sensitive scalp. It also does a good job of hiding helmet hair! It can come in handy, too, on drizzly wet days, keeping you a bit drier. Thankfully, Mary's Tack and Feed's inventory of Western riding apparel includes waterproof options too, for rainy days in and out of the saddle.

Western riders will love the high-quality, stylish options as well as the wonderfully affordable prices. If you have a rider in the midst and are searching for great gift options, take a peek at our great looking casual hats and ball caps from Kimes Ranch, Cinch, Ariat, and more. Try a cute cowgirl straw hat for the sweetheart in your life or Barmah Canvas Drover Hat this Father's Day if your dad loves to spend the day in the saddle or around the stable.

From gift options to outfitting yourself in comfortable, casual, and sports Western riding apparel, shop Mary's Tack and Feed. They've been helping riders dress for a day on the range since 1963. We completely understand the sentiment of Ralph Waldo Emerson who wrote, "Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby... It is a grand passion."