Navajo Blankets and Saddle Pad Liners

Trendy Navajo prints look great on Western saddle pads, and while they're casual enough for everyday trail rides, many are also elaborate enough for the show ring. With bright, bold colors, funky patterns and an eclectic feel, Mary's Tack and Feed's selection of Western Navajo horse saddle pads will add a bit of fun and a fashionable feel to your tack.

If you'd like to customize your Western Navajo saddle blanket in the color of your choosing, top brands like Mayatex offer a wide selection of high quality Western saddle blankets in beautiful variety of custom shades and patterns. If you're a barrel racer or another type of competitive Western rider, Mayatex also offers sturdy horse saddle pads with bold geometric designs that are made for fast-paced competitions. For a more subdued Navajo saddle blanket that has an oversized cut to fit under large Western saddles, we also carry larger Navajo blankets in a variety of bold, earthy colors for all types of riders. Add a bit of funky, colorful flair to your everyday or show tack with a durable Western Navajo saddle pad or horse blanket from Mary's Tack and Feed.