Clippers and Accessories

Clipping is an important part of your horse's grooming, whether you're clipping his coat before the winter season or trimming around the muzzle to create a smooth look for a big show. To make clipping easier, Mary's Tack and Feed has created a selection of high-quality clippers and other grooming supplies for horses that are both safe and affordable. Mary's carries a variety of different clippers to suit your specific needs, from full-sized clippers that come with expansive kits to pocket-sized travel trimmers that are perfect for on-the-go grooming. All of our clippers are made by top brands like Andis and Oster to give your horse the smoothest, most precise trim. If you use your clippers often, their blades will frequently need replacing. For this, Mary's offers a full selection of replacement clipper blades to trim horses in a variety of sizes, conveniently organized by the length of hair. Mary's Tack and Feed's horse clippers and replacement blades are available at prices that are much less than the same products at similar stores, saving you money on these brand name grooming tools.