Myler Wide Ported Barrel MBL Medium Shank

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Myler Wide Ported Barrel MBL Medium Shank - MB 16PB - Level 3

The Myler MBL Medium Shank bit has the MB 16PB Wide Ported Barrel that provides generous tongue space but still sits low in the mouth to reduce chance of pressure on the palate. Medium length MBL shanks are durable stainless steel and have Independent Side Movement.

  • MB 16PB mouth
  • 1 7/8" wide port
  • Sweet iron with copper inlay
  • 6 3/4" shanks
  • MBL Medium Shank
  • Level 3

The Myler MB 16PB Western bit has the MBL medium shank which uses indirect rein action. This bit should be used with a curb strap, sold separately. The curb strap will attach to the purchase. This is a Myler Level 3 bit recommended for horses who can accept more tongue relief and respond to pressure on the mouth, poll, and chin. Remember, Mary's Tack is the best place to buy your Myler Bits because we offer an inexpensive bit trial. The Myler Wide Ported Barrel MBL Medium Shank Bit is eligible for Mary's Bit Rental Program. Click now for details!

(No reviews yet)