Joint and Tendon


Shop the Equine Joint Supplements department at Mary's to find the best joint supplement for older horses, liquid horse joint supplements, natural joint supplements for horses and more. Hard working performance horses and senior horses often require extra nutritional support for their joints and possible arthritic conditions. Mary's Tack carries the most effective, proven joint supplements for horses with arthritis as well as general equine joint health nutrients in a variety of formulations.

Mary's is proud to carry top brands like Cosequin, AniMed, and Adeptus. If you prefer a liquid supplement, LubriSyn, Next Level, and DuraFlex EQ are excellent choices. We have organic and all-natural Joint Matrix, pure MSM, and numerous complete joint supplements featuring glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid. Perfect Prep Sane & Sound combines a joint formula with a digestive and show-legal calming formula, making it a valuable supplement option for show horses. Joint supplements are a smart way to keep your show horse performing her best or your older, arthritic horse feeling comfortable. Mary's carries the best available joint supplements and joint health nutrition in powder, pellet, and liquid form to coordinate with your feeding program.