Horse Undergarments

The smooth, sleek fitting Lycra undergarments keep your horse clean at shows or under other blankets or hoods. Browse Mary's Tack's large assortment of Lycra horse undergarments from top equine brands like Sleazy Sleepwear, Centaur and Jammies and you'll be sure to find the perfect items to keep your horse or pony looking his very best. A tight-fitting Lycra hood in your choice of solids or patterns is a flashy and functional way to keep your horse's mane and forelock perfectly in place. Especially helpful to keep expensive braiding intact overnight at shows. Sleazy Sleepwear's unique Seamless Face design has no raised seams, ensuring the safety of the eyes and other sensitive areas. Your horse will be able to graze and rest comfortably without mussing his coat or getting dirt on the head and neck. Hoods made of warm fleece protect the horse from chilly nights and mornings, while super durable high tech material hoods are resistant to rips on even the most energetic horse.

Mary's Tack also carries a variety of other smoothing Lycra horse accessories to keep every hair in place before a show. Mane Sox, protective coverings that slip quickly and easily over sections of your horse's mane, keep the mane clean and protected while maintaining normal moisture balance. Lycra tail wraps and bags fit securely around the tail to protect against dirt, debris, and hair breakage while also keeping the tail smooth and sleek. To prevent against painful, irritating blanket chafing, Mary's Tack carries Lycra shoulder guards that fit securely around the shoulders and under a blanket. No matter your horse or occasion, a snug Lycra undergarment from Mary's Tack will provide protection and comfort for your horse or pony.