Pet Bathing and Grooming

At Mary's, we know that bathing, skin care, and grooming are essential aspects of pet care. We feature a great selection of shampoos, conditioners, specialty skin care items, flea control shampoos, and hydrating sprays for dogs and cats.

Mary's Tack proudly carries the salon quality Eqyss line, which smells as great as it works, and gentle natural brands like NaturVet and Petology. For touch ups between baths, rely on Show Sheen Detangler & Conditioning Spray or Burt's Bees Deodorizing Spray for Dogs. For pet grooming, Mary's offers a wide variety of brushes for dogs and cats. The Pet It Ergonomic Brush is available in Boar Bristle, Curry, Firm Slicker and more, to properly care for your pet's particular hair type.

We also carry Andis Clippers that are perfect for dealing with your dog's unruly coat. When fleas or ticks strike, fight back with Resultix Tick Killing Spray and Ultimate Touch Flea Combs. Whatever your grooming needs are, your pet will love to be cared for and pampered with name brand grooming and pet supplies from Mary's Tack & Feed.