English Bridles

Shop the finest English bridles, bridle reins, and bridle parts for dressage competitors and hunters and jumpers at Mary's Tack & Feed. Our English horse equipment includes outstanding bridles that include reins for the rider looking for a complete setup in one easy order, as well as bridles with reins sold separately if you prefer a more custom setup. Mary's Tack store carries laced reins, plain reins, rubber reins, lined reins, reins with hand grips and martingale stops and long reins, too. No matter what type of riding you do or what type of bridle your horse requires, you can be sure to find an English bridle and other horse supplies for your needs from Mary's Tack.

Unsure of which type of English horse bridle to purchase? Mary's has leather bridles for sale in snaffle styles, figure-8 styles, with dropped nosebands and in double bridle styles. We stock a huge selection of English bridles for sale from top makers like PS of Sweden, Hadfield, Edgewood, Stubben, Passier, and Prestige, so you might even discover a new brand that you love. Mary's also always has a wide assortment of well-priced bridles from reliable, well-known names like Bobby's English Tack, Ovation, Schockemohle and KL Select, so if you've relied on a particular name for years, you're sure to find it here.

Wide Assortment at Great Prices

For the serious competitor, Mary's carries English hunter jumper and dressage bridles for ponies, cob size horses, full size horses and large warmbloods. Bridles and bridle parts, including cheek pieces, crown pieces, cavesons and more are available in black and many shades of brown leather. We even carry crystal and embellished brow bands to add sparkle to your horse's bridle and catch the judge's eye in the show ring.
Mary's Tack & Feed has been outfitting English horses and riders for decades, and we are experts at finding the right horse equipment and tack for your needs. If you're unsure of which bridle to choose or need help picking the perfect style, contact one of our helpful customer service representatives for help. We're all tack experts with years of experience, so we're happy to help you choose the perfect English bridle or reins!