Nosebands and Tie Downs

For Western riders who want more firm control over their horse without using a stronger bit, a noseband or caveson is a great addition to the traditional bridle. Mary's Tack carries a number of high-quality leather nosebands and cavesons from top equine brands like Weaver Leather, all at Mary's affordable low prices. A caveson is made of slender strips of leather that extend around the perimeter of the horse's nose and up over the crown of the head. Mary's Tack's leather nosebands and cavesons can be worn underneath Western bridles or in combination with a martingale or tie down, attaching to a strap that extends to the girth. These Western cavesons and nosebands extend around the horse's nose close to the mouth, gently holding the mouth closed to enhance the effectiveness of the bit and give the rider more control. Browse Mary's Tack's selection of Western nosebands and cavesons, featuring designs made of sturdy materials such as leather, nylon rope and durable rawhide. These Western tack accessories are made by top equine brands for a great value from Mary's Tack.