Flea and Tick Control

Flea and tick control is absolutely critical to your dog or cat's health and comfort as well as that of the entire family. Prevention and quick action make all the difference when dealing with invasive bugs. Mary's Tack has the flea shampoos, flea and tick medication, and flea treatments necessary to keep the pests away.

Monthly flea prevention from Advantage and Frontline is effective for year-round protection, while topical sprays like No Bite IGR and Ultra Shield provide immediate relief from biting insects. Mary's has the tools you need to keep your home and pet areas pest-free, including bedding sprays, powders, and diatomaceous earth. Fly Rid Fly Repellent from Durvet can be used on dogs as well as horses to keep flies from bothering your dog in the yard or at the barn.

Mary's has many types of effective flea and tick treatments, including herbal and natural varieties, as well as fly repellent and tick removal tools. Protect your pet's health and give yourself peace of mind with our effective pest control products for any situation.