Blanket Accessories

Horse blankets are important to you and your horse's comfort. Whether you have a whole blanket wardrobe in your tack room or one or two blankets or sheets, keeping them in good shape will prolong their usefulness. Mary's Tack carries a large selection of horse blanket accessories including horse blanket replacement hardware and repair supplies to keep your horse or pony's blanket in excellent working condition.

Blankets, day sheets, fly sheets, and other horse clothing often endures significant wear and tear as well as simply getting dirty. From replacement pieces to cleaners to storage supplies, the blanket accessories section at Mary's Tack's has the blanket care supplies you need. Mary's has replacement leg straps, chest straps, belly straps, T-lock surcingle buckles, and other blanket hardware to replace worn out pieces on your blanket. Replacement pieces from WeatherBeeta, Centaur, and Kensington will repair or renew an old blanket back to usefulness for a fraction of the price of a new blanket. You can also add leg straps to a cooler or show sheet that doesn't come with them already included.

Storing your horse's bulky blanket in an overcrowded tack room is challenging, but Mary's Tack has storage options for blanket organization that make sense. A hanging horse blanket rack with strong, durable chains creates extra space for up to four blankets. A blanket storage bag like the Classic Equine Stall Front Bag lets you store the blanket neatly at the stall door or at horse shows and can be personalized with embroidery. Blanket wash, repair adhesive, surcingle stopper bands, and repair kits are economical blanket supplies you'll find at a great low price in the blanket accessories section.