Pajamas, Undergarments, and Other Clothing

Pajamas, Undergarments & Other Clothing

Mary's Tack and Feed has a year-round selection of cute horse themed pajamas, sleep shirts, sleep shorts and tees, slippers, and other great lounge wear that makes a perfect gift. From The Lazy One, Mary's has PJs for ladies and girls. We also carry rider's underwear and riding bras from leading brands.

Our athletic bras like the Cheata Trotter Bra are designed specifically for equestrians to eliminate the bounce when you're riding a bounce! The riding underwear from Fit Knix includes boy shorts, thongs, and bikini style panties that eliminate lines under tight fitting riding breeches. We also have various other casual clothing items that may not fit into our other clothing categories, like dresses and skirts. Have fun browsing our pajamas, underwear, bras, and more - and be sure to check back because the selection will change!