Lunging and Groundwork

Lunging is a great way to develop skills with a green horse, or to refresh and refine a horse that's further along in training. It's a safe way to release some energy prior to showing, lessons, or after a few days off from work, too. Mary's Tack knows how important it is to have a reliable, long-lasting collection of lunging tools in your tack room, and we offer a number of quality lunge lines, lunging attachments and surcingles from all the top equine training brands. At Mary's low prices, you can build a handy collection of lunge equipment for any training routine.

Mary's Tack carries lunge lines in tear-resistant nylon with or without chains and soft cotton that won't hurt your hands. These lunge lines come in lengths up to 30 feet for you to work your horse in various sized circles. Choose standard snap or swivel snap attachments to hook onto the horse's halter or bridle comfortably and securely, as well as lunging straps to make changing directions easy. We have the Pessoa Lunging System as well as a variety of surcingles that wrap around your horse's torso, allowing you to use training reins in multiple configurations. Browse surcingles from brands like Bobby's English Tack and AWA for the most durable design. No matter your horse's needs or level of training, Mary's Tack's selection of high-quality lunge equipment is sure to make your training routine more efficient and productive.