Shampoo and Conditioner

When your horse has been out in the pasture or hasn't been groomed in awhile, their mane can become matted, tangled and hard to comb. Mary's Tack and Feed has hand-picked the best products for mane and tail care from leading horse grooming product manufacturers. You'll find deep cleansing horse shampoos, moisturizing conditioners and taming shine sprays for a clean, shiny tail and mane.

You'll find popular horse shampoos from leading brands like EQyss, Horse Sense and Carr & Day & Martin that clear away dirt and oil buildup so you have a fresh tail and mane that are residue-free and shiny. For difficult situations such as ring worm, fungal conditions, and itchy dry skin, we carry top performing medicated shampoo that is highly effective yet gentle and easy to use. There are many choices of conditioners to use after shampooing. Choose from combination protectors and conditioners, conditioner sprays or leave-in conditioners. Specialty products include many types of detanglers, hair moisturizers, coat rebuilders, touch-up sprays and shine serums. SPF conditioning spray protects the horse from damaging UV rays.

These many exceptional manufacturers of equine personal care products represent the best in the business. Mane 'n Tail creates quality hair care products that you can use on your horse and yourself, so you'll both have shiny, manageable hair. Cowboy Magic has been making premium horse grooming products since 1979. Elite Horse Evolution (E3) products is just as the name sounds. This revolutionary company uses nanotechnology to design care products that provide a steady release of important ingredients for optimal benefit. Farnam Vetrolin is a highly regarded company product line in the field of equine care products. You'll find them here with products such as Vetrolin hydrating shampoo, shine formulations and Vetrolin conditioner.