The horse hoof supplements department at Mary's Tack helps horse owners find the best supplements for horse hoof growth, for cracked hooves, and hoof supplements for horses with laminitis. We carry the best hoof and coat supplements for horses to maintain those healthy hooves, too. When you own a horse, chances are you've encountered a hoof problem at some point. The old adage "No hoof no horse" is just as true today as it was back in the day. Prevent problems like cracks, chipping, and poor horn quality, and increase soundness with a hoof supplement added to your horse's feed.

Farrier's Formula, Horseshoer's Secret, and Grand Hoof all offer comprehensive nutrition required for strong, resilient hooves. Hoof health pellets and feed additives generally include copper, zinc, vitamin C, and selenium. Biotin Plus and Hoof Biotin are great choices when your horse lacks this vital nutrient in his diet. Hoof supplements have the added bonus of helping facilitate a shiny coat and healthy skin, too. Top selling brands and formulas offered at Mary's include Leaps & Bounds, Mushroom Matrix, Biotin Daily, Farrier's Formula Double Strength, Adeptus Augment Hoof, and Hoof Guard from Horse Guard. We carry a large assortment of pellets and powders, as well as Hoof Snax treats from Manna Pro, just for your picky eater. Whichever supplement works best for your horse to create healthy hooves, you'll find it in a variety of sizes at Mary's Tack & Feed.