Why do riders wear special riding boots? Like any sport, the clothing and footwear for horseback riding plays an important role. Luckily, equestrian boots look really stylish, too! However, when it comes to riding footwear, it isn't completely about looks or style. On the contrary, it is primarily about function and safety.

Shoes with a heel are a must because otherwise your foot can easily slip through the stirrup - and getting a foot caught in a stirrup is dangerous. Also, footwear such as sneakers or sandals aren't practical and don't offer protection from the elements or the horse. A horse is a large animal and isn't going to necessarily realize that he or she is crushing your foot, but you sure will!

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Take Competition to the Next Level

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How about riding socks? Mary's Tack and Feed has a great assortment of fun and stylish riding socks for any style of riding boot. However, riding socks serve a purpose besides being chic and unique. Thicker socks provide extra padding and insulation in cold weather. Thin socks, especially with high-tech materials, wick moisture away from your skin for cooling and to prevent painful blisters. Whether your riding is for work, pleasure or both, you are in the saddle for a while. Comfort is essential, which is why Mary's Tack and Feed is your go-to for all riding footwear essentials. Find your perfect paddock boots, tall boots, and footwear accessories at Mary's and enjoy your ride in safety and comfort!