Horse Toys

Keep your horse occupied in the stall or paddock with Mary's Tack and Feed's affordable selection of fun, durable toys for horses and balls for horses. If your horse gets antsy when he's cooped up in the stall all day, these stall toys will catch his attention for hours and keep him from cribbing, chewing, kicking or becoming irritable.

Mary's Tack carries horse activity balls like Jolly Balls and other durable, affordable stall balls that will entertain any antsy horse or pony. These heavy, rubber balls include a square handle at the top for your horse to easily grab onto, and their durable materials make it okay for your horse to bite, toss and step on them. Other stall-bound horse toys hang from the stall's ceiling and include tasty treats inside of brightly colored rubber toys that your horse will love to lick and chew on. These toys for horses that are bored are affordable and will occupy a restless horse while he's in the stall.