Myler Low Medium Wide Port MB33 Dee Hooks

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Myler Low Medium Wide Ported Barrel MB33 Dee with Hooks

Myler Low Medium Wide Ported Barrel MB33 Western Dee with Hooks has a mild mouthpiece plus unique features that enhance communication and learning. The small curb strap ring at the top of the dee positions the curb strap a little higher for better contact. This placement encourages the horse to give to the bit and flex at the poll, making it easier to find a natural head set. The excellent tongue clearance allows the horse to swallow and move his tongue but does not increase palate pressure.

  • Curved sweet iron mouth with copper inlay
  • Level 3
  • MB 33 mouth
  • Decorative knob on dee
  • Curb strap ring for proper strap placement

The Myler MB33 Dee with Hooks has Independent Side Movement which helps with signaling clearly to the horse. This Level 3 Myler bit is meant for horses that are well-versed in the Myler system, have a reliable and consistent attitude, and can work off the hands, legs, and seat. This Western Dee with Hooks bit is intended to use with the Myler Leather Curb Kit, also available at Mary's.

This Myler Western dee bit is eligible for Mary's Bit Rental Program. Click now for details!

(No reviews yet)