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Please bookmark this page as a resource for San Diego Equine Emergencies.

The information below will help you understand what to do and who to contact in case of an emergency evacuation.  For more information on how to be prepared for an emergency, please read our blog: "Preparing an Equine Emergency Evacuation Plan



When Fire and Evacuation Emergencies arise Mary’s customers and their beloved horses are often at the center of the stressful circumstances. Being prepared is paramount to navigating “Fire Season” so we have compiled the following information to better serve our customers. If you have any additional information we have missed that would be important to add please email us at


Mary’s is not accepting donations. We have included some organizations to consider donating to that have been recommended by reputable sources.




EVACUATION WARNING = Large animals need to start moving out so there will be time to get animals out before hard closes. Have plans A-Z for where to take horses if no centers are opening up. (parking lots, fields at schools, other ranches, etc)


EVACUATION ORDER = That is when roads are CLOSED OFF to the public.



Apps & Resources


The First is the Ready San Diego app, which you can find here on their website.

This site will also be kept up to speed during fires and evacuations, show where evac centers will be and any relevant information.

They also have a twitter which is really good.


Watch Duty shows location of fire, and will normally post where Evac centers will be. (Those of us who watch the fires use this one as it's fast and reliable)

San Diego County Wildfires Facebook page is very useful as well.


Their emergency line is 619-299-7012

During fires they have a very good twitter account which can be useful.


619-236-2341. (Line is usually busy during fires, but good to have on hand)


If you’re evacuating to the Del Mar Fairgrounds…

1. Confirm they are accepting evacuees.


Here is the info for DMF EVACUATIONS

It is up to SD COUNTY Animal Services IF and WHEN DM Fairgrounds property will open for evacuations.

Horse Park is a bit different but will ALWAYS be available for evacuees unless there is a show going on at the time.


2. Have an Intake Form READY TO GO.


Here is a link to the INTAKE FORMS FOR DMF. Fill out your form ahead of time to save time in line.


so that we can get trucks and trailers in smoothly and keep things moving along. We also want trailers and rigs to be able to go pick up more horses and not be stuck in intake lines.


3. Follow guides and be timely. Everyone will be ready to unload their horses, so please follow directions from the shed row managers.

When you arrive at the DMF, there will be staff onsite helping with intake and stabling. There will be coordinators managing intake in the shed rows and will oversee all the owners and horses, helping everyone get settled in, calling vets or whatever needs to be done and keeping hourly charts on what is going on with horses.


If you’d like to volunteer:

At this time, volunteers will not be in the stabling areas, only staff and owners.

Volunteers who want to help will be asked to go to the covered arena, fill out paperwork and be assessed for which way they can help best. When DMGG is ready for help we will call for a certain number of folks to help in the shed rows.