Behavioral Deterrents

Cribbing may seem like a harmless habit, but it has actually been linked to colic and stomach ulcers in many horses. If you've caught your horse cribbing when he's in the stall, these helpful horse deterrents, muzzles and no chew sprays will teach him to stop and prevent a painful, unhealthy stomach problem as well. Cribbing deterrents like the leather Miracle Collar or other leather collars fit comfortably around the horse's head and neck and gently apply pressure only when he starts to crib. These useful tools can also be used with the Fleeceworks Cribbing Collar Cover to prevent against rubbing and ensure a comfortable fit. Mary's other anti-cribbing products like the Chew Stop aerosol spray also work to stop cribbing in innovative ways. Mary's Tack and Feed carries a variety of other behavioral deterrents as well to cure your equine companion of his nasty bad habits. If your horse spooks easily, Mary's foam earplugs can help, and if he's a frequent grazer the grazing muzzle is an invaluable tool. No matter your horse's little vices, our selection of horse deterrents can help to cure them.