Horse Boots and Wraps

Protect your horse with our affordably priced boots, bandages and equine leg wraps from Mary's Tack. To avoid leg injuries, we have protective horse boots, bell boots, equitation boots and shipping boot styles. Choose leather equitation boots or sheepskin-lined ankle boots for showing. Our fly boots for horses will keep insects from biting your animal's legs. For horse leg injury and support we have bandages, wraps and specialty boots. With our price-match guarantee, you can afford top brands like Roma, Keeneland, Centaur, Wilkers, Toklat, Professional's Choice and EquiFit.

Our pony boots include splint boot styles sized for ponies and small horses, open front boots, polo wraps, fetlock boots, and tendon pony boots. We have hoof boots for barefoot horses to protect against injuries while trail riding, and we have ice therapy hoof boots to soothe bruises and other minor injuries. Shop our soaking boots to treat sore hooves, our ceramic boots, and magnetic specialty horse boots to reduce inflammation and speed healing time. Our inexpensive bandages and leg wraps will protect your horse in the stall or while schooling or trailering. These bandages for horses are often purchased in bulk to keep on hand for injuries, strains, support, and to hold medications in place.

If you take your horse on the road for riding or showing, our heavy-duty horse shipping boots with soft linings will provide protection in the trailer and are quicker to put on and remove than standard wraps. Also consider investing in horse socks for horses with sensitive legs that are easily rubbed or irritated. Keep your horse bandages in easy reach with our inexpensive bandage rollers and racks at Mary's. Because we love our horses, too, we have created an affordable collection of famous-maker hoof care products, grooming supplies, de-wormers and vitamin supplements for horses. We also have horse-approved toys and treats. If you have questions about horse injuries or general horse health care, consult our friendly in-house experts. We have dedicated ourselves to providing the best products and equipment for horses and their riders since our family-owned business opened in Southern California in 1963.