Loose Ring

The loose ring snaffle bit is an essential part of many riders' horseback training, schooling, and riding tools. A traditional and common bit for English bridles, this category is popular for English riding disciplines like dressage and jumping. Loose ring bits have rings that rotate, encouraging the horse to not brace against it, but to relax and have an active mouth. The loose rings transmit cues with a bit more warning, teaching a young horse to respond quicker.

If you are training for competition, it is important to make sure the loose ring bit you choose is allowed for your particular discipline. Check to see if the bit complies with the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) guidelines. This designation is stated within the descriptions on most bits on Mary's website to help you make an informed choice.

A variety of bits in this category allows you to choose the loose ring bit that suits your horse's needs and that of the rider. Within the category of Loose Ring Bits you will find different mouthpieces that offer specific functions. Popular styles include French Link, Mullen, Waterford, and every type of Myler mouthpiece. Loose ring bits may have additional attributes such as a forward tilt, a low fitting, curved comfort design, 1- or 2-jointed construction, and different angles that change the way it fits and works in the horse's mouth. Consult your trainer and choose the one that's best for your horse's comfort and training needs.

Many bit styles are eligible for Mary's Bit Rental Program. A rental period allows you to test the bit with your horse, ensuring proper fit and performance. Mary's has an outstanding selection of loose ring bits in all shapes and sizes. To help determine the proper size bit for your horse or pony, place a wooden dowel where the bit would be placed. Let the horse relax, and mark both sides of the dowel at the outer edge of the horse's mouth. Mary's also carries the Bit Sizer tool which helps take the guesswork out of choosing the correct size. If you find your horse is in between sizes, go up to the next size for proper fit. Mary's Tack & Feed offers a wide selection, low prices, and a convenient English Bit Rental Program.