Chicken Care


Mary's Tack offers chicken and poultry supplies to our customers at low prices with fast shipping. Having a whole brood of animals is one of the best parts about living on a farm, and if you count chickens or other fowl as a part of your extended animal family, Mary's Tack and Feed has all of the supplies that you'll need to take care of them. From healthy foods to fly repellents, our selection of chicken, poultry and waterfowl products includes only the highest quality items at prices that won't put you over budget. Our specially blended chicken food and treats come from top brands like Little Farmer, Purina and Happy Hen Treats that are made with natural ingredients and filled with beneficial nutrients that birds need.


We also offer additional supplements designed to help with egg production, support digestion, and increase energy levels. Keep your chicken or waterfowl's living quarters safe and efficient with automatic waterers to keep them properly hydrated when you're not around. Heated lights keep hens and their chicks warm in the roost, while our wire egg baskets make it easy for you to collect your eggs once the process is complete.