Weight Gain, Muscle, and Performance

Performance horses have greater nutritional needs than the average horse. As athletes, they require vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that support muscle growth, muscle recovery, and a strong circulatory and immune system. Mary's Tack has the muscle and performance supplements that will keep your horse at the top of his game.

Total Blood Fluids Muscle from Ramard is a product where the name says it all! This daily supplement is ideal for horses in strenuous activities that need replenishment for hydration, muscle recovery, and oxygenation of blood. If your horse has suffered from lactic acid buildup in endurance events, keep show-safe Lactalex paste on hand to prevent tying up and muscle fatigue. Mushroom Matrix offers formulations, including Performance, Muscle, and Metabolic, which address dietary needs with the power of organic, all natural, additive-free medicinal mushrooms.

Give your horse the nutrition needed to succeed with outstanding supplements from Mary's. We have the vitamin and mineral formulas to enhance circulation, immunity, lean muscle mass, and muscle recovery for the equine athlete.