Other Training Equipment

Horse trainers can find the training aids they need in Mary's Tack's selection of high-quality gogues and chambons from all the top equine brands. In expert hands, these durable, long-lasting training tools for horses reinforce the trainer's work in getting the horse to carry himself properly. Mary's Tack carries a selection of fine leather chambons that flex and encourage the horse to set his head and neck. These chambon training devices work efficiently by applying pressure to the poll, encouraging the horse to lower his head during training. Mary's Tack's chambons from brands like KL Select and Waldhausen can be used alone or in combination with reins, martingales and other training tools. A gogue encourages the horse to raise the neck, taking pressure off of the shoulders so the horse instead engages the hocks to develop the muscles for a more rounded topline. The gogue attaches at the horse's chest and splits into two slender cords, running upward and through each bit ring to gently pull the head downward. Mary's Tack carries gogues by CWD, Waldhausen and Beval that will train your horse to properly carry himself and will last for years to come.