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Looking for the best local Feed Store in San Diego County? Look no further!  Mary's Tack & Feed in Del Mar has been supplying horses and their owners with feed and hay, shavings and stall bedding, poultry feed and supplies, and livestock feeds since 1963. Shop the best selection, the best service, and the best prices.  Call us at 858-755-2015 to confirm availability & set up your next delivery!

Hay by the Bale

Alfalfa • Bermuda • Orchard • Timothy

Forages, Hay Pellets, & Hay Cubes

Triple Crown Safe Starch Forage • Triple Crown Grass Forage

Triple Crown Timothy Balance Cubes • 1/4 inch Alfalfa Pellets

Alfalfa Hay Cubes • Alfalfa Pellets • Hay Replacer Pellets

Orchard Grass Mix Pellets • Bermuda Hay Pellets • Timothy Pellets


Feed by Brand

Hygain • Cavalor • Purina • Triple Crown

Nutrena • Integrity



Renew Gold EQ • Wysong Equine • Alfa Mo

Alfalfa & Oat Molasses Mix • Oat Hay Molasses

4 Way Molasses • TDI Horse Feed 10%


Additional Sources of Equine Nutrition

Misc. Feed

Natural Glow Pellets • Natural Glow Powder

Coolstance • Calf Manna - 10lb., 25lb., & 50lb.

Grains & Beet Pulps

Flaked Bran - 25lb. & 50lb. • C.O.B Dry • Crimped Oats

Flat Rolled Oats • Flax Seed • Integrity Rice Bran

Linseed Meal • Recleaned Barley • Recleaned Corn

Recleaned Wheat • Recleaned Whole Oats • Rolled Barley

Soybean Meal • Flas Seed Meal • Unstabilized Rice Bran

Shredded Beet Pulp • Beet Pulp Pellets

Salts & Minerals

Redmond Rocks & Rock on a Rope - 3lb. & 7lb.

Redmond Loose Salt - 50lb.

Himalayan Salt on a Rope - Various Sizes

Himalayan Loose Salt

Daily Red Crushed Rock - 5lb.


Keep the Stalls & Corrals Clean

Bedding for Horses & Barnyard Friends

Fine Pine Bedding • Champion Pine • Mini Flake

Cedarest • Koop Clean • Megazorb Bedding • Stall Dry

Sweet PDZ Granular • Sweet PDZ Powder

Nature's Pellets • Dry Stall


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