Hoof Care

Our horse hoof care products at Mary's Tack will keep your horse's hooves in top condition. We have proven brands in hoof care products for horses that treat minor injuries and ailments like stone bruises and thrush. Because we've been in business since 1963, we know how to negotiate the lowest prices on horse owner favorites. Shop our hoof dressings, thrush treatments and hoof tools ranging from picks and brushes to farrier's kits. Our protective horse hoof boots are from top brands like Easyboot and Cavallo.

Our dressings, horse hoof conditioners, and polishes by brands like Sound Hoof Dressing, Effol and Hoof Alive will help prevent external dryness, keeping hooves pliable and healthy. Shop our affordably priced horse hoof thrush treatments and products to prevent thrush. A thrush infection can occur in muddy, wet or unsanitary conditions. If not prevented or treated early, thrush in later stages can cause a horse to become lame. We have proven preventive liquids and powders that kill the bacteria that cause thrush. We have ointments, spray treatments and other horse care supplies by trusted brands like Kopertox, Outlaw Thrush Stuff, No Thrush, and Mustad Thrush Buster that will effectively treat thrush and bacterial conditions in horses.

Protective hoof boots can help in rehabilitation from injuries by addressing chronic hoof pain or sensitivity. Boots for barefoot horses help them stay comfortable when transitioning from shoes to barefoot. These multi-purpose horse boots also provide extra protection on rocky trails and hard footing for endurance horses and trail horses. Keep horse or pony boots on hand in case your horse loses a shoe. We also have soaking boots for hoof treatments and ice therapy for injured hooves. For everyday hoof care and grooming, Mary's has a comprehensive selection of premium-quality hoof picks, brushes, and horse hoof tools from brands like Epona and Roma. We know horses, so please contact us with any questions about caring for your horse. You can trust our expertise.