Dressage Saddles

Our premium-brand dressage saddles for horses and ponies include designs for adults and children alike. Browse the collection of top brands at Mary's Tack like Passier, Prestige, Wintec, and Stubben. We have advanced synthetic dressage riding saddles and Italian leather saddles for dressage among our choices to suit your budget or needs. With our try-before-you-buy policy, you'll be able to ride in and evaluate the saddle before you commit to any purchase.

We have dressage saddle styles with deeper seats for more correct rider position and ergonomic trees that won't interfere with the movement of your horse. Try our dressage saddles with innovative elastic membrane construction beneath the seat for a dynamic, comfortable feel. Choose from a range of seat sizes you need for your training or competition saddle. We have performance saddles specially designed for ponies, including ones that replace traditional saddle flocking with air cushions to better conform to a pony's muscle structure. For young riders, we have dressage saddles for children that provide superior support and balance with adjustable components for shorter legs.

Mary's Tack Offers Saddle Trials

We want you to be happy with your dressage saddle, so we offer you four days following receipt of your saddle to try it out. Just wrap your leathers with plastic wrap or an old sock with the toe cut off to keep it in the best condition should you decide to return or exchange your saddle. Do not oil or clean the saddle while it's on trial.

We've been outfitting dressage students, competitive dressage riders and their horses since we opened for business in 1963. Our flagship store in Del Mar, California is just a few streets away from the prestigious Del Mar National, an annual event welcoming some of the finest competitors in the equestrian sport of dressage. If you have questions about dressage saddle sizes or styles, consult our knowledgeable staff. Enjoy superior customer service before and after your purchase.