Brushes and Curry Combs

Whether you're grooming meticulously for a show or simply brushing your horse off after a dusty trail ride, grooming is an important step in any horse owner's routine. High-quality grooming products are often expensive, however, and flimsy brushes just don't get the job done. Mary's Tack and Feed understands every horse owner's desire to have a well-stocked grooming kit, which is why we've created a full collection of name brand brushes, combs, curries, and other grooming tools at prices that work with any budget. Soft-bristled head and face brushes and coarse-bristled body brushes are two essentials, and Mary's carries many of them for less than 10 dollars. Sprenger and HAAS grooming brushes will clean your horse thoroughly after even the dustiest days, and they're made of durable materials that will last for years. We also offer brushes and mane & tail combs from Oster Pro, Decker, Epona, and Horze. In addition, Mary's has the amazing Hands On Grooming Gloves that work beautifully on dogs, horses, and cats. You'll find Choctaw tooth combs to untangle knots and smooth long, thick horsehair. Browse Mary's extensive selection of brushes, combs and grooming mitts and you'll find name brand grooming products at prices you simply won't believe.