Hay Bags and Bale Protectors

Hay Bags & Bale Protectors

Whether you're looking for a horse hay bag for a trailer or stall or a hay bale protector bag, you'll find it here at Mary's Tack and Feed. Are you tired of hay getting all over your vehicle while in transport? You need one of our hay bale bags! They make it easy to transport hay bales without a mess and it also protects the hay from inclement weather. Hay bale bags are made from durable vinyl and are available in different capacities. These water resistant bags with handles are ideal for transporting bales of hay, and certain models have metal grommets to allow ventilation and wheels for even greater ease in moving.

The horse hay bags are designed both for utility and for horse digestive health. There are various styles to meet the needs of your horse and are available in nylon or cotton. Hay bags for horses can help limit the amount of hay that can be removed at a time, which encourages your horse to eat slowly and minimizes waste. Adjustable straps make them easy to hang. Hay nets also reduce the amount of sand or dirt your horse would digest from eating off the ground. Horse owners can choose an assortment of colors to match their barn colors. Besides stall hay nets, Mary's also carries smaller sized nylon or cotton trailer hay nets for shipping.

Slow Feeders for Horses

The slow feed horse hay bag is perfect for horses in a hurry, as it slows down their intake for improved digestion and better overall health. Choose the capacity you need from 2-flake, 4-flake and other sizes. These are heavy duty horse hay bags, made from materials like poly PVC coated 600 denier nylon or poly blend. Certain models are top loading and may have grills at the bottom to allow debris to fall through. Make feeding your horse easier and healthier with a low priced hay bag or feeder from Mary's.