Boot Liners and Accessories

Protect your horse with our top brands in horse socks, soothing inserts, wraps, and bandages from Mary's Tack that protect your horsees lower leg and hoof from dirt and other irritants while your horse is working or healing. Choose top brands like EquiFit horse socks that can be cut to fit to cover an entire lower leg area or just the area that needs more protection. They slide on just like human socks. Horse socks are more than an aid in healing. The snug fit aids circulation, reduces rubbing, and helps fight bacterial and fungal skin conditions when worn under leg boots or bell boots.

We also have gel horse socks crafted of a special polymer gel infused with mineral oil beneath a compression fabric liner. EquiFit Gel Sox in standard Horse size can be cut to fit smaller areas or for ponies. For spot protection, choose gel pads with a gentle adhesive to fit under the lining of horse boots, under nosebands, martingales or any other areas to prevent rubbing and chafing.

Boot socks can be worn under the many brands and styles of tendon or hind boots for horses and ponies that we carry at Mary's Tack & Feed. We also have affordably priced foam standing wraps that can provide a horse more protection, cushioning, and compression for better circulation than ordinary horse leg quilts. These standing wraps are a smart choice for applying after a hard workout or for therapeutic treatments. Keep your polos, wraps, and bandages organized with our bandage rolls and horse bandage racks. When youere thinking of leg protection, remember to protect your horsees hooves with our hoof thrush ointments, cleaning tools and lotions. Mary's also has hoof supplements as well as vitamins and supplements for overall horse health. If you have questions, consult our expert staff. Our Southern California company has been providing horse care essentials since 1963.