Hoof Tools

Your horse's hooves take quite a beating every day, and they can quickly become filled with hardened mud, small stones and other unsanitary and potentially harmful objects. Keeping the hooves clean and free of debris is one of the main concerns of any horse owner, and you need to have the proper tools on hand to ensure that you do a thorough job. Whether you're a farrier or just a horse owner, Mary's Tack and Feed carries an impressive selection of name brand hoof picks and tools for a fraction of the cost of other retailers. A basic, reliable hoof pick is an essential in any tack room, and Mary's carries a number of different versions. With hoof picks with brushes for thorough cleaning, rust-free picks and sturdy picks with comfortable, rubberized grips, our selection from brands like Epona is both affordable and high quality. If you need more serious farrier's tools, Mary's has that covered as well. The Farrier's Kit is an all-inclusive bag full of everything a modern farrier needs to shoe a horse's hooves, from horse hoof nippers to a farrier's hoof pick. While hoof picks are fairly common tools that can be purchased from any tack shop, Mary's offers some of the most reliable brands at everyday low prices that simply can't be beat.