Chicken Treats


Chickens love treats and chicken owners love to make their chickens happy. Treats not only add a little excitement and enjoyment to your chicken's daily routine, they add much needed nutrients to their diet. Chickens love to peck and scratch around the yard, but may need something more to keep them entertained and busy. We offer a variety of tasty and nutritious options to suit all types of chickens, from chicks to fully grown birds.

Many chicken snacks available at Mary's Tack & Feed are high in protein, which helps your flock maintain better health. Other nutrients improve the quality of eggs produced. We carry delicious chicken treats from Manna Pro, Little Farmer, Happy Hen Treats, and more. You'll find popular treats like mealworms, corn, grubs, soldier fly larvae, seeds, and delectable snack mixes. Our wide selection of treats and snacks for your feathered friends will keep them happy, healthy, and satisfied.