Skin and Coat

Skin & Coat Supplements

Mary's Tack has a wide selection of the best horse coat supplements for healthy coats, manes, tails, and skin. Who doesn't love a sleek, shiny horse with a coat that gleams in the sun? Let your horse be the object of coat envy thanks to the best healthy coat and skin supplements from Mary's Tack & Feed. Whether your horse needs a gorgeous shiny coat for the show arena or has a dull coat due to a nutritional deficiency, we have the horse skin and coat feed supplement you need.

If your horse is a hard keeper or in demanding work, go for Gleam & Gain from Adeptus. With fatty acids, a prebiotic digestive base, and high quality calories, your horse will thrive and glow with good health. Horse owners often look for the best oil for horses for a shiny coat since they are easy, efficient, and cost effective when added to daily grain. AniMed has Rice Bran Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, and Flaxseed Oil for the simple addition of nutritive oils to your horse's diet. Cocosoya from Uckele is a fatty acid oil blend that is highly effective with a taste horses enjoy. If powders work better for you, then top quality skin and coat supplement Grand Coat is a smart choice.

By adding horse hair supplements to your horse's diet, your horse  has a better chance for mane and tail growth as well as a nice coat. Mary's customers find that products rich in essential fatty acids make excellent supplements for horses with itchy skin. Owners of dark bay and black horses can get frustrated when their horse's beautiful coat gets bleached from the sun. Dark Horse Nu-Image from Select Vitamins comes to the rescue with an innovative skin and coat formula that includes kelp and paprika to enhance dark pigments. Whether you need the bloom of general good health or a show ring sparkle, Mary's has the equine coat and skin supplements to do the trick.