Western Saddle Pads

Saddle pads are used for a number of reasons, from increasing your horse's comfort while wearing a saddle to adding a bit of color and style to your tack on a big show day. No matter the type of western saddle pad you're searching for, Mary's Tack and Feed carries a large assortment of square pads, specialty pads, Navajo blanket pads and bareback pads for any horse or rider. A classic square saddle pad looks great under any western saddle, and Mary's carries a variety of different options. The Tacky Too Maximum Pressure Relief Pad takes strain off of your horse's back and shoulders, while the Cavallo Western Built-Up Pad includes additional padding at the withers to adjust your saddle's position and stop it from tipping. If you're looking for a more basic western saddle pad, the Professional's Choice Air Ride saddle pad or Chaco Canyon Contour Pad have attractive patterns and thick, comfortable cushioning to be both aesthetically pleasing and really functional. Mary's also carries a number of the best Western saddle pads in contoured shapes from top brands like Supracor, Cavallo and Charmayne James. For the rider who prefers to go saddle-free, Mary's Tack and Feed's high-quality bareback pads in horse and pony sizes will give you a smooth, comfortable ride even without the stability of a classic saddle. Browse Mary's affordable selection of western saddle pads and bareback pads from top tack brands for maximum comfort and style for you and your horse.