Organic and Herbal Formulas

Organic & Herbal Supplements

Many horse owners love the idea of feeding their horse herbal, natural, or organic supplements to improve health and vitality. Mary's is proud to stock numerous varieties of herbal and organic nutritional supplements for a wide array of needs.

Equine Mushroom Matrix features organic, whole food, vegan supplements like Immune Matrix and Metabolic Matrix that mix easily with horse feed and get results. Equine Matrix products are great for digestive health, too. Perhaps you have a mare that acts, well, like a mare. Try herbal Mare Magic to improve her demeanor, naturally. For the older or arthritic horse, Desert Pure Yucca can ease discomfort with a small daily dose.

Mary's offers natural supplements geared toward hooves, joints, calming, oral care, comfort and so much more. Whatever your horse needs, Mary's can help you find an herbal, natural, or organic supplement at a budget-friendly price.