Fly and Rodent Control


Shop Mary's Tack & Feed for insect traps and rodent control products for stables, barns & corrals. Reducing the number of flies, pests, and rodents is important for health and safety. Not only are rats and mice unpleasant to encounter, they can spread disease, eat your horse's feed and supplements, and chew on fabrics and leather. The best fly and insect control management for horses and barns often requires a combination of products.

For consistent fly control for all the horses in your stable or barn, consider effective feed through fly options like Solitude or Simplify for ongoing fly protection without the topical chemicals. These products are found in Horse Supplements. Many of the barns in our area have all their horses on a feed through fly control product with great results. Of course, adding disposable fly & insect traps to your barn or corral is an easy way to remove those pesky flies that somehow sneak into your area.