Shipping Boots

If you frequently trailer your horse to shows or to clinics and trail rides, a set of shipping boots is a great investment in your horse's safety. Mary's Tack has shipping boots and travel boots for horses and ponies in many sizes, styles, and prices.

While trailering, a horse's legs are vulnerable to injury and need protection. The easiest way to accomplish that is with a full set of shipping boots. Made of ballistic, heavy duty material, with soft linings for comfort, travel boots are simple to put on and remove with hook and loop closures. Mary's has top brands like Centaur, Pessoa, and Woof Wear that use the latest technology and provide superior fit and performance.

Choose from a variety of colors and patterns in sizes for horses and ponies. Shipping boots will save you time you would ordinarily spend wrapping legs with bandages for trailering. They typically protect more of the leg (like the hock) than wraps do, and have extra protection at the heel, making them beneficial for horses that kick. Keep your horse or pony safe when trailering with top quality protective shipping boots from Mary's Tack.