English Tall Boots for Women and Men

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Tall English Riding & Field Boots for Men & Women

A well-dressed rider sporting traditional, tall English riding boots is a look that never goes out of style in the equestrian world. From the most basic English pleasure class to fast-paced competitions like show jumping, tall English boots absolutely complete the look when paired with slim-fitting breeches, a smart collared shirt and a show jacket on top.

Tall English riding boots may look great, but they are not simply an element of style. In fact, these essential boots are actually designed just as much for function as they are for their looks. Traditionally, the classic English riding boots normally come up to the knee in order to prevent the leathers of your horse's saddle, girth and other accompanying tack from digging into or pinching the leg of the rider. For those riders who participate in traditional field hunting, the tall field boot is also protective against brush and potentially dangerous obstacles, like fences or gates.  

The heel of the boot is also very important for the rider's safety and comfort in nearly all English riding disciplines because it prevents your foot from slipping too far into the stirrup. Though some of today's English riding boots feature a somewhat smaller heel, the heel is still a vital component of any riding boot. This keeps it from slipping too far into the stirrup in the event of a dynamic downhill move so that your foot can slip out if things go south!

The Best in English Women's & Men's Riding Boots

At Mary's Tack and Feed, you will find an extensive selection of high-quality tall English riding boots for both ladies and men. Choose from an array of boots that offer not only the sharp, flattering style you're looking for in the show ring, but also the necessary amount of protection and durability you'll need to help you ride your best in any English competition or schooling situation.  Here, you'll find all the top English riding boot brands, including bestsellers like Ariat tall boots or Deniro, Secchiari and EGO7.  Whether you're looking for classic field boots, dress boots for dressage or the more modern style hybrids so popular in the jumper arena, Mary's Tack and Feed has just about every type of tall English riding boot.

Here at Mary's Tack and Feed, we know that a high-quality pair of English riding boots is an investment, which is why we also offer an equally impressive assortment of accessories that will prolong the life of your English riding boots. From boot bags to store your boots in to boot trees that allow you to properly maintain each and every pair, we stock the essentials that you need to keep your riding boots in the best possible condition. You'll also find all of the essential boot care kits and supplies to help you clean and treat your tall English riding boots to keep them in top condition.

Whether you are searching for competition-style English boots or a great, everyday pair for casual riding, you'll certainly find it with us. Ask any rider: a well-fitting pair of English riding boots makes all the difference, and it can help you step up your game in the show ring (or just to enjoy countless rides at home). Get a leg up on the competition with the right boots at Mary's Tack and Feed!