Pony Clothing

A pony requires clothing in a size and fit that's all his own, and Mary's Tack offers a wide assortment of high-quality coverings in smaller pony sizes. Browse fly sheets, boots, turnouts and day sheets made specifically to fit your pony's unique body shape, all from top equine brands like WeatherBeeta and Kensington. Protective rain sheets in waterproof materials will keep your pony safe and warm during drizzly mornings or rainy nights. Made of durable materials such as ripstop polyester outer layers and fleece edging at the withers, these pony-sized rain sheets are breathable and provide the most comfortable fit for your small equine companion. For colder days, an insulated turnout will keep your pony protected from strong winds and icy chill. These high-quality blankets from top brands like Centaur are just as precisely constructed as the horse-sized options, but in unique cuts to fit a pony's measurements.

A pony's legs and hooves require special boots that are tailored to their smaller size, and Mary's Tack has a reliable assortment that will fit just right. Kensington fly boots for your pony are made of the same protective Textiline material as their fly sheets, with Velcro straps and plastic supports to keep them standing upright on the legs. Your pony will stay free of pesky flies, and you'll be confident in the precise fit and durability. You'll be sure to find pony boots that fit in Mary's Tack's pony boot selection.