Weymouths and Bradoons

Mary's Tack and Feed sells English dressage bits from all of the top English tack brands, including weymouth and bradoon bits from Stubben, Neue Schule, Mikmar and Herm Sprenger. We stock these high-quality dressage bits in a variety of sizes and metals, including the popular Sensogan and Aurigan from Herm Sprenger. Whether you need a loose ring bradoon to complete your double bridle or you'd like to combine a curb bit and bradoon, we can help you find exactly the bit you want. Our bit rental program means you can invest in a bit with confidence.  Learn more about our bit rental program here:

From Sprenger KK Ultra mouthpieces to a Happy Mouth mullen, Mary's Tack and Feed carries a wide variety of weymouth and bradoon bits. If you're looking to upgrade your entire tack setup, be sure to check out our outstanding collection of dressage bridles!