Vitamins and Minerals

Horse owners often discover their hay or feed is deficient in one or more important vitamins and minerals and require a supplement to make up the difference. Make Mary's Tack & Feed your low-cost, one-stop shop for horse vitamins and minerals, essential amino acids, horse supplements, and specialty horse nutrition.

Mary's Tack & Feed carries specific nutritional additives like Vita Flex Pure Lysine and Turkey Tail Mushrooms from Matrix. Whether your horse needs extra Vitamin C, iron, amino acids, or more, Mary's has the supplement to create a balanced equine diet. Targeted nutritional support can help a horse with issues like low energy, insufficient weight, muscle recovery, and more.

For specific vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and nutrients, shop online for your horse's dietary needs at Mary's Tack & Feed. We can help you find the product you need to fill in the nutritional gaps in your horse's diet.