Ice Boots and Therapeutic Products

Ice & Cold, Magnetic & Ceramic Therapy Boots

Horse ice boots, cold therapy boots, magnetic and ceramic heat therapy boots and wraps at Mary's are valuable tools for keeping your horse healthy and comfortable. In the past if you needed to ice your horse's leg, you had to either spend significant time hosing it with cold water (not an option for many) or use messy ice boots that leaked. Lucky for you and your horse, Mary's Tack and Feed carries a number of innovative, high-quality ice boots, magnetic boots and ceramic boots to soothe sore muscles and heal inflamed joints and ligaments with ease.
For fresh injuries or preventative treatment, Mary's Tack carries cooling ice boots to treat an injured leg or provide maintenance after jumping, hard training, or competition. Products like Ice Horse Ice Boots contain removable ice packs inside their layers to provide effective cooling of tendons, ligaments, muscles.

Heat Therapy Products
For injuries requiring the warm, soothing sensation of a heated compress, Mary's has Deep Heat inserts from Ice Horse that work with Ice Horse wraps. For longer treatment with infrared heat, Back on Track has technologically advanced boots and wraps for horses. The BOT products contain ceramic particles that reflect the horse's body heat to provide pain relief, increase circulation, and reduce swelling anywhere on the leg as well as the back.
 Mary's Tack and Feed's brand-name ice, magnetic and ceramic boots come in a variety of sizes to fit the legs of any horse or pony. When your horse sustains an injury, you won't find products this effective for such low prices anywhere else.