Open Front and Equitation Boots


Mary's offers a wide selection of Open Front Boots and Equitation Boots for horses including horse boots for jumping and equitation boots for the show ring. Mary's has the best open front boots from brands like EquiFit, Majyk Equipe, Eskadron, and Roma.

Open front boots are typically used as horse boots for jumping. They are constructed with a protective outer shell plus a cushioned lining to provide a close fit, reduce impacts, and dissipate shock. Equitation boots for horses may be made of leather, like the EquiFit Boots, and secure with buckles and straps. They have removable T-Foam liners that can be washed. EquiFit also makes equitation boots from their durable EverLeather material.

Other boots, like Eskadron open front boots are ideal for schooling on the flat and jumping. They are attached to the leg with sturdy elastic straps across the front that are secured on the outside with double velcro. Synthetic open front jumping boots, such as those by Veredus, Schockemohle, and Roma can be easily washed to stay fresh and clean. Back on Track and CATAGO FIR-Tech open front boots not only offer front leg protection for your horse, they are lined with a ceramic therapy fabric that works to increase blood flow to encourage healing of strained tendons and ligaments. Whether you are looking for equitation boots for sale at a good price, horse boots for jumping, or therapeutic front leg boots, choose from the selection at Mary's Tack and enjoy quick shipping and friendly customer service.