Rain Sheets

Just like you need a raincoat to keep warm and dry during a sudden storm, your horse needs the same waterproof protection. Mary's Tack carries a large selection of the most durable rain sheets and turnouts for equines of all sizes, all from the top tack brands. For a multipurpose turnout that can be used in warm weather, Rambo Amigo has created versatile sheets that are made of a breathable fabric with no added warmth. These waterproof rain turnouts have an inner nylon lining that attaches to the protective outer shell to keep your horse warm and dry during chilly days, but won't overheat.

For riding and show rain sheets, browse Mary's selection of ringside turnouts and sheets that protect both the horse and saddle. For use during bad weather on show day or when an unexpected storm hits during a ride, these high-quality ringside rain sheets from brands like Centaur will protect your tack's delicate leather. On those cold, rainy days when you worry most about your equine companion, a warm rain sheet with a thick, cozy lining will keep out both rain and wind. In mid-neck or turtleneck designs that cover more skin than the usual rain sheet or with fleece lining around the openings, these cold-weather rain sheets from brands like WeatherBeeta and Baker have innovative features that will keep your horse warm and dry.