Horse Treats


Your horse has works hard every day to make you proud, so he deserves tasty treats for his good behavior. Or perhaps he needs a little encouragement to get through an unpleasant task. We know that health is important to all responsible horse owners, so Mary's Tack and Feed's selection of horse treats includes a wide array of safe, all-natural products for those who want to buy healthy horse treats that still taste great.

Mary's offers popular horse treats from Purina, Mrs. Pastures, German Horse Muffins, A to Z, and Paddock Cakes. We have Triple Crown Tether Treats and Horse Guard Flix Flax Treats as well as many flavors of cookies your horse will love. Renew Gold Biscuits combine healthy ingredients like rolled oats, flax seed and apple bits to create tasty treats that your horse and pony will surely get excited for. Though they taste delicious, these treats still provide tons of health benefits and don't contain any phony ingredients that you wouldn't want your horse to consume. Mary's Tack and Feed carries horse treats, cookies and Jolly Stall Snacks at everyday low prices to spoil your horse in a healthful way.