Western Loose Ring and Dee Bits

By necessity, horses and their riders have a special relationship based on communication and an understanding of the task at hand. For many riders and their horses, the relationship involves business, such as ranching or mounted patrol. Others choose to compete in shows, meaning long hours of training and travel for both rider and horse. Whether you have a strictly working relationship with your horse, he's an accomplished show winner, or he's really kind of an overgrown puppy, the fact remains you are the rider and are responsible for leading that relationship.

In any good relationship, communication is key. For horses and riders, a key part of that communication is the tack you use, particularly the headstall, bit, and reins. This is one of the reasons why choosing the correct bit is such a big decision. Mary's can help make that decision easier with our Western Bit Rental program, available for most of the bits we sell. Click on the link for details of Mary's Bit Rental Program.

A bit is the piece of tack that sits on the bars of the horse's mouth where there aren't any teeth. Bits are usually made of metal like stainless steel, though other synthetic materials are available. The bit is one of the ways the rider communicates with the horse by using pressure to tell the animal where it needs to go.

Find the Right Bit at Mary's

Choosing the right bit is important and at Mary's Tack and Feed, riders have a diverse selection of western bits with numerous shank and loose ring dee bits to pick from. There are reining bits, trail riding bits, bits for western Pleasure, and for all levels of training. Explore the top brands in western snaffle bits including Myler, Reinsman, and Bob Avila.

Many western bits at Mary's feature oxidizing sweet iron or copper inlay mouths to encourage the horse to salivate for greater softness and bit acceptance. The type of mouthpiece, from simple snaffle to corrective port, and the specific discipline and needs of horse and rider are important considerations in the decision making process.

From young horses to seasoned equine competitors, Mary's Tack and Feed has the right western hackamore, loose ring, dee, or shank bit to suit your horse. Mary's understands the unique relationship between horse and rider, in working, showing, and pleasure riding, which is why we carry a comprehensive collection of the tack you need to make that relationship the best it can be.