English Breastplates

English Riding Breastplates & Breast Collars for Horses

English Breastplates

Keep your saddle in line with a high-quality, attractive English breastplate or breast collar from Mary's Tack and Feed. Mary's carries beautifully crafted leather breastplates that pair perfectly with your bridle, saddle and the rest of your existing tack, and they come in a variety of styles to suit both your horse's needs and your specific riding discipline - there isn't an equestrian need that we don't serve. You'll find jumper breastplates, bridge breastplates and a wide variety of other styles to choose from.

Padded leather breastplates from brands like Stubben and Pessoa are slim and lightweight enough for use during just about any type of English riding. If you're looking for a breastplate for jumping, Mary's also carries wider options with elastic details and running attachment forks made especially for jumpers. Whether you compete in eventing and jumping or you're a rider who is into fox hunting, Mary's Tack and Feed's English breastplates and breast collars are designed with the performance of both the horse and rider in mind.

Shop a wide selection of breastplates from top name brands for competitive low prices from Mary's Tack and Feed. We also offer fast, secure shipping on all of our breastplates, breast collars and other horse tack.