Hoof Dressing

Mary's Tack and Feed cares for the complete horse from the ground up and hooves are where it all starts. These products from the world's leading equine care professionals help you to effectively and affordably care for your horse's hooves. You'll discover products that balance moisture to prevent hooves from drying and cracking or getting too soft. These specially formulated formulas offer protection in the harshest outdoor environments. Thanks to the low prices, you can keep your tack room well stocked with essential products for year-round care. Only proven name brand products are included here.

Hoof dressing moisturizes and protects while it brings an attractive shine. Some types are available in different colors for a sharp look at parades, shows, and fun barn days. Others offer relief to horses with dry feet and encourage healthy growth. Hoof oil replenishes the hoof with essential vitamins and can prevent infections and relieve soreness. Therapeutic hoof packing is valuable to provide support to horses with serious issues like abscesses, bruising, and other types of hoof trauma. For horses with especially sensitive frogs or tender soles, we have products to relieve pain and pull heat from the foot for greater comfort.

Choose from ointments, sprays, gels and oils by top companies for expert equine foot and hoof care. Germany-based Effol offers a full range of horse care products including shampoos and hoof care products. Natural hoof dressings and natural hoof conditioners like Hoof Alive are made from the finest ingredients found in nature, like vitamin E, lanolin, lecithin and almond oil. Hooflex from Absorbine is another natural horse hoof dressing made from healthy ingredients such as tea tree oil, comfrey, avocado oil and arnica. Whether you need hoof polish for horse shoes, hoof conditioners and dressings for weekly use, or specialty hoof packing and abscess care, you'll find what you need at the lowest price from Mary's Tack & Feed.